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Make them suffer neverbloom lyrics

make them suffer neverbloom lyrics

Day by day, the nights swallow the sun, and with every night the more you gave, your sadness came undone.
Sharing stories with the world until piece by piece, you gave your heart away.
It was morrow who cursed this place.
Just like teardrops, the limbs of the dying trees began to fall, one by one.Now I'm wishing I was with 'em.Weeping Wastelands- I am your fucking end. .But all my friends, they don't know what it's like, what it's like.You brought me back, to the darkness within.A gift to cherish, until piece by piece, you were laid before the roots of time.Now feel my wrath.These woods have no memory of the touch of sun, or the smell of dew, and all i can hear through the deafening silence are the moaning trees.Shut it, shut it, yeah, but all my friends, they don't know what it's like, what it's like.The sky has shattered, crying into constant uncertainty and wishing away its perpetual torment, as it crumbles into exile, piece by piece.I cherish the moment my heart sank to the floor of the ocean.Anxiety, my friends, they wanna take me to the movies.A keepsake from the birds, an elegy for what we could have shared.Im starting to count the stars by myself, and this winter is eating away at my soul.I've found my home, beneath the depths.

Morrow, no one could stop us, although, now the orchards no longer grow.Anxiety starts kicking in to teach that shit a lesson.It was Morrow who cursed this place.I've been told that I could take something to fix.I burden no longer the tales I wrote, take of me these Chronicles of Woe.All Music News popular Make Them Suffer Lyrics.I'd wait here forever just to see these flowers bloom.tiny budding flowers and colours of joy and hope explode from the water-bead.
We remain in the hearts of the young and the tears from the sky.