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Make me want to shout

make me want to shout

Kick my heels up and (Shout!).
Say) Don't ever leave me (Say) Come on now x3 (Say i still remember, when you use to be nine-years-old.(Yeah-Yeah, Yeah-Yeah!) (oooooooow) Now that I got my woman I feel aaaaaaaalllllright!Jump up and shout now (wooo) klok kado Jump up and shout now (wooo) Jump up and shout now (wooo) Jump up and shout now (wooo) Jump up and shout now (wooo) Everybody shout now Everybody shout now Everybody, shout, shout Shout, shout, shout Shout, shout, shou-out.You wanna leave me, you wanna let me go, i want you to know.The Beatles also featured part 2 of the song in their stage act, and an appearance on Ready Steady Go!I was a fool for you, from the bottom of my soul, yeah!Throw my hands up and (Shout!).Yeah, yeah, now that you're grown up, and old enough to know (yeah, yeah).Roberts 1 decade ago 0, thumbs up 2, thumbs down, comment.Shout, shout, let it all out, these are things I can do without.(Say you will you got it, now!I was a fool for you, from the bottom of my soul.Shout, and when you've taken down your guard.Weeeeeeellll, you know you make me wanna shout kick my heels up shout throw my hands up shout throw my hands back shout come on now, (shout) don't forget to say you will don't forget to say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (say you will).A version of "Shout" is also played at the home games of the Buffalo Bills football team each time the Bills score, using the traditional "Let's Go Buffalo".
I want you to know i said i want you to know right now you've been good to me, baby better than i've been to myself hey hey, if you ever leave me i don't want nobody else, photos hey hey, i said i want.

"Shout" went on to take the British Singles Chart by storm and finally reached.The song achieved its ultimate exposure in the cover version performed by the fictional band Otis Day and the Knights in the 1978 movie Animal House.(Yeah-Yeah, Yeah-Yeah, Yeah-Yeah) Every time I think about you You been so good to me You know you make me wanna (Shout-wooo) lift my heels up and (Shout-wooo) throw my head back and (Shout-wooo) kick my heels up and (Shout-wooo) come on now (Shout-wooo) take.In violent times, you shouldn't have to sell your soul.The band Bon Jovi also performs a segment of the song "Shout" at their live shows incorporated with their own song Bad Medicine, usually performed towards the end of their main set, before the encore.Interestingly, it appears to be one of the few songs, if not the only one, where all four Beatles share the lead vocals.SkyDotCom 1 decade ago 1, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment.

You know you make me wanna (Shout-wooo) hey-yeah (Shout-wooo) yeah-yeah-yeah (Shout-wooo) aaaalll-right (Shout-wooo) aaaalll-right (Shout-wooo) come on now!
I don't want nobody else, hey!