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Make a party hat

Only if you punch holes and put in elastic to rolhor op maat maken go under your chin and keep it on your head.
Skip this step if you are making a different kind of hat.
On the tab side, trace the edge, but not the tab.6 Staple a thin elastic cord to the bottom of the hat, if desired.Try not to crease the edges of the hat.I used my disappearing fabric marker for this.If you used paint, be sure to give it time to dry.For an alpine or Peter Pan look, wear the hat with the triangle parts over your ears.You are welcome to link to this blog and to any post on this blog and use.Curl the straight edges of the paper together until they meet, then overlap them until you get a cone.If you folded the brim twice earlier, you should fold it twice this time around too.Did this article help you?

This next part is not necessary, but when your kid rips the hat off in a fit of rage in front of your guests, the inside will look nicer.For example, if you want your hat to be 12 inches (30 cm) tall, the paper should be at least 24 inches (61 cm) tall.This way, the straight edge will be even.The new crease along the bottom edge of the paper should be flush with the bottom edges of the triangles.2, draw a semicircle on the paper.Trace the hat onto your interfacing.You can also use glue instead, but let the glue dry.
Set the cone aside, and trace around the circle to make a wider brim.