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Make a minion sticker book

Question, how do I make a Minion goggle?
2, find some goggles or round sunglasses.
We use cookies to make wikiHow great.You can make your own goggles with some elastic, two empty toilet rolls, and some gray duct tape.I have 2 friends I showed these to, and each is already ordering one for their kids!Stuart does nothing if you put your finger in his mouth.3, get a yellow beanie.Upload a picture for other readers to see.Tell us more about it?
Get some black shoes uggs, converse, or combat boots are recommended.

They are both very gegrilde kipfilet maken amusing!Dave has 55 original "voices" and Stuart has.9, it you can't wear makeup, paint your nails yellow or to get even more in the spirit of being a minion, do the minion nail art.I wish there was a randomizer to make the next sound more unexpected.Click here to share your story.Tips, wear yellow or black tights if you are going to have a cold Halloween.8, for makeup, Wear yellow eyeshadow.Warnings, don't dye anything without permission, don't make this costume without permission of your parents.

It seems that if you tilt the head instead of pushing the pocket, you get different sounds (ex: Stuart's "Bee-do" is a single one when you press the pocket, but if you tilt his head, you can get him to say "Bee-do" 4 times.
Buy a yellow shirt?
10, enjoy your minion costume.