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Knipmasker maken indesign

Shift key and click once on the next line of type.
This black is now, in effect, a colour fill applied to the image movie maker 2015 free download for windows 7 box.
This fools InDesign into seeing the letter shapes as a single path (simply grouping the letters doesnt do this).Make sure the shape and the image are in the same layer.The image should now fill the letter shapes.Its when you have a group of shapes like the one in the image below that creating a clipping mask in InDesign becomes a little tricky.You should see the type as shown below all the letters will have a path around them showing the individual anchor points.Creating a clipping mask in InDesign is a little different from how you do it in all the other Adobe tools.The colour of the type doesnt matter as this how to make a minigun in minecraft will be hidden in the end result.
Very different approach as you are working with vector shapes rather than the image pixels, but still fairly simple.

And then as weve seen above select the text and either place your make up trouwen image from the menu File Place (in this case make sure you are actually selecting the text) or cut the image and Paste into your text.3 Format the text to fill the text box.Creating a clipping mask with text.You can also edit the original linked image in Photoshop.Select the type again and.Select all of them and click on Object Paths Make Compound Path.And that is done.Object Paths Make Compound Path.De standaardtransparantie (het schaakbordpatroon) van Photoshop wordt automatisch door InDesign als een alfakanaal herkend.Selecteer bij Document het document met het doel waaraan de hyperlink moet worden gekoppeld.
Creating a clipping mask with a group of shapes.