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How to make the umlaut on the keyboard

how to make the umlaut on the keyboard

11 12 5 Germanic umlaut is a specific historical phenomenon of vowel-fronting in German and other languages.
Borrowing of German umlaut notation edit Some languages have borrowed some of the forms of the German letters Ä, Ö, or Ü, including Azerbaijani, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Karelian, some of the Sami languages, Slovak, Swedish, and Turkish.
I-mutation in High German edit I-mutation is visible in Old High German (OHG.These two diacritics originated separately; the diaeresis is considerably older.The diaeresis represents the phenomenon also known as diaeresis or hiatus in which a vowel letter is pronounced separately from an adjacent vowel and not as part of a digraph or diphthong.The Oxford handbook of papyrology "woordenlijst".Early Volapük used Fraktur a, o and u as different hoe maak je taai taai from Antiqua ones.Examples include the given names Chloë and Zoë, which otherwise might be pronounced with a silent.X-based systems with a Compose key set in the system can usually insert characters with double dots by typing Compose,"dbl (i.e.
Germanic a-mutation and the various language-specific processes of u-mutation, nor the earlier, indo-European ablaut ( vowel gradation which is observable in the conjugation of Germanic strong verbs such as sing/sang/sung.
Despite this, the umlauted letters are not considered as separate letters of the alphabet proper in German, in contrast to other Germanic languages.

However, in a small number of words, a vowel affected by i-umlaut is not marked with the umlaut diacritic because its origin is not obvious.You can also create an account for an ad-light experience!While Germanic umlaut has had important consequences for all modern Germanic languages, its effects are particularly apparent in German, because vowels resulting from umlaut are generally spelled with a specific set of letters: ä, ö, and ü, usually pronounced / / ø and /.Html edit In html, vowels with double dots can be entered with an entity reference of the form?uml where?It may be used optionally for words that do not have a morphological break at the diaeresis point, such as naïve, Boötes, and Noël.This, however, often leads to wrong rendering of the Syriac text.Hungarian follows the German rules and replaces ö nieuwnieuw korting and ü with oe and ue respectively citation needed at least for telegrams and telex messages.Straight Dope Message Board.kuningaz Künig König 'king.Soft keyboards may also have multiple contexts, such as letter, numeric, and symbol.
Germanic actively derived causative weak verbs from ordinary strong verbs by applying a suffix, which later caused umlaut, to a past tense form.
In Aymara, a double dot is used on ä ï ü for vowel length.