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How to make a new category in wordpress

how to make a new category in wordpress

Wish kid Aniya, diagnosed with cancer, wished to meet and sing with her idol, Jessie.
Why are they distinguishing between movies that are popular and arent?
But now theyve been bumped.These categories have yet to be determined but are likely to include technical or short film categories, which tend to feature less famous nominees.With this new system, that film can still get a nomination in whatever this popular film Oscar category will.The description is vague and unhelpful in that regard, but the use of the word popular indicates that this is the Academy trying to bring in general audiences who otherwise might not be interested in the Oscars because they usually honor lower profile arthouse releases.But what does that mean?The 2019 ceremony will remain Feb.
So what kind of award will this be?

"The winning moments will then be edited and aired later in the broadcast the Academy leaders said.Could the Oscars make a category that will be voted on by the general public like the Peoples Choice Awards?Theres plenty of bloat in the Oscars telecast that can be cut, from the long comedy monologue by the host donut surprise maken to the handful of montages used to honor the history of cinema.Finally, the Academy board approved a change in the airdate for the Oscars this year.This year's awards show in March lasted almost four hours and was watched by just.5 million people, the ceremony's worst-ever viewership.Surely the artists potentially in the running for whichever categories get pushed off air will raise hell about this decision.Instead, this category will highlight major studio blockbusters rarely nominated in major categories.The Academy will make a concerted effort to have an Oscars telecast that only lasts three hours to make the show more accessible Oscars for our viewers worldwide.

The Academy likely wants to avoid that kind of backlash this year, probably just in case a movie like.