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Glitter make up hema

I usually never wear glitter on my nails but this one is so festive, perfect for this season.
Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share give me your Thumbs Up for this video Exotic makeup tutorial inspired by Jasmine of Aladdin / Arabian Nights.Exotic makeup like pretty Jasmine, the most beautiful princess known from Aladdin (Tales of the Arabian Nights).Discover how you can look your most beautiful at hema Beauty.In this brand new department we'll gladly inspire you with our colourful range of makeup and professional beauty products.I picked up these fun colours.I know its a bit more tina kado geven of an out there colour, but trust me this will make you feel all the more festive and it looks online design maker absolutely gorgeous.This is why I collected some nail polishes that stay properly and for a good price.This is definitely my go-to nail colour whenever I feel like painting my nails but am not sure what colour to go for.And lets be honest, you can never go wrong with red.So here are a few of my favourite winter nail polishes!Hema (2,50 Starting with Hema, a Dutch store which has really good nail polishes for a really good price.It just takes so much time to dry and when you finally think theyre ready, I bump something into it and my nail is ruined.Again, this colour looks great all year round, but during winter you might want a change between the berry and darker tones.Winter is coming So its time for winter nail colours!This colour looks great all year round so its a great staple to your collection.

Vondelpark Green, i love this shade of blue, its so different but so so beautiful.What I love about these polishes is that I usually just need one coat and them Im all set!Download videos: hd720 medium, i'm the princess from Agrabah!Thanks to the affordable hema prices and the ever-changing assortment, you can experiment endlessly and try out all kinds of creative looks!It will always look elegant and look good with anything.I feel like red is always a classy colour for your nails, especially during Christmas time.Then this colour is perfect.
Wacky Walnut, pretty in pink has never been more true, this is such a nice colour that will look cute with nearly anything. .