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From the makers of myst

from the makers of myst

Enjoy watching the ball roll around the rollercoaster and away.
Go past the elevator and follow the path.
Turn right and follow the path round to the right.
Return to the little platform where you arrived.Move the lever to the left and go outside.Set the lever to the 4 o'clock position.Leave the elevator and look around.If you look up you can se the plant that has trapped the bird.Carry on along the track, across the central junction and set the final lever to the 6 o'clock position.Climb back up the ladder and go back down the hole.Now go back down the path and keep looking right.At the top is one of those palms you saw at the top of the tower- click on the central bulb and the vine rises, blocking the light to the seed pod.Go up the path to the left and you will see a colourful babbo hotel maak vrienden doe mee en val op bird fly in with food for her chick - now you know where the sounds were coming from.Activate the symbol and the cage opens.Now free of water, climb down and press the red button.If you look up above the door there is a little window.
To one side is a panel showing a power distribution circuit - is one of the symbols the airship?

Go back to the control panel, rise up, set the fulcrum to the left, activate the machine - and watch.Archived from the original on September 2, 2012.Previously, each and every download was delivered by our main server located in Austria.At the other end jump down and open the ventilator cover.There is only one set of circles here.Its roots are in the dish - maybe releasing the fish will electrocute the roots and force the plant to open.Reset the trap and shake another fruit free.At the top is a tusk with a locked door (why are the doors always locked?).Narayan You arrive in Narayan facing some steps. .Yup, it's a balancing act along the pipe.There is a bowl nearby with what looks like a water bulb next.

Go to any of the projectors and note the symbol etched onto the viewer lens.
1, opening edit, the island opened as, treasure Island on April 8, 1974, as a place to observe wildlife, and was later renamed.
Align the marbles on the pedestal to the same position you set them up in the tower: Now press the middle button.