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Adam English, French, German, Polish, Romanian, Jewish Derived from the given name google maps routebeschrijving maken adam.
Albinson English, Swedish Means "son of albin ".
Bird English Occupational name for a person who raised or hunted birds.Brock English Derived from Old English brocc meaning "badger ultimately of Celtic origin.Bryson English Means "son of brice ".Clifford English Derived from various place names which meant "ford by a cliff" in Old English.Alger English From the given name algar.Black English Means either "black" (from Old English blæc ) or "pale" (from Old English blac ).Bone (2) English Variant of baines (2).Beckham English From a place name meaning "Becca's homestead".This is the name of towns in Cumberland and Yorkshire.Chancellor English Occupational name for an administrator, a chancellor, from Norman French chancelier.
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Allen English, Scottish Derived from the given name alan.

A famous bearer was William Clark (1770-1838 an explorer of the west of North America.In some cases it may come from the name of English places called Battle, so named because they were sites of battles.Cons: Live Messenger struggling to stay relevant, Live Writer is very basic 7 36407 votes 12M downloads, pROS: Very easy to use, Works with images and videos, Includes many video and transition effects, Exports to several formats.Combs English Variant of coombs.Cons: More advanced users should look elsewhere 8 maki na monte cassino tekst 7200 votes 8M downloads, pROS: Makes essential improvements to Photoshop, cONS: None so far 7 10255 votes 25M downloads.Carman (1) English Occupational name for a carter, from Middle English carre "cart" (of Latin origin) and man "man".
A famous bearer of this surname is the fictional character Rhett Butler, created by Margaret Mitchell for her novel 'Gone with the Wind' (1936).
Andrewson English Variant of anderson.

Andrews English Means "son of andrew ".