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It also greatly enhances the probability to get an answer, as there are more eyes to see your mail.
You want to be a GSoC student but you dont know your basic 101 of coding?I grow weak when we talk.Please don't make me love you.KDE is a community and we work on our projects in a collaborative effort.Sorry, I can't make it lo siento, no puedo or no me va bien do you think he'll make (it to) university?To make out with sb ( US ) ( sexually ) hacérselo con algn make over VT ADV.Promotional content will be removed and issues concerning ms services should be routed to our Customer Service 2e klas korting ns how to make a steam trading bot or Accommodation Service teams.Do sth se forcer à faire qch ( equal ) faire 2 and 2 make 4 Deux et deux font quatre.

Qu'est-ce qui fait un bon médecin?Dont recognize these terms?Qu'est-ce que tu en as pensé?Make over vt adv ( assign ) to make over (to) passare (a trasferire (a) make.( go towards ) place dirigirse hacia or a he made for the door se dirigió hacia la puerta police think he may be making for Sweden la policía cree que puede estar de camino a Suecia.To make oneself sth ( to make sth for oneself) sich (dat) etw machen ; he made himself a cup of tea/a sandwich er machte sich (dat) eine Tasse Tee /ein Butterbrot; she made herself a lot of money on the deal sie hat bei.( complete ) completar I paid 200 and my parents made up the difference pagué 200 libras y mis padres pusieron la diferencia we need someone to make up the numbers necesitamos a alguien para completar el grupo.Please don't make me do this.Haluan soittaa hotellin ulkopuolelle Je voudrais passer un appel à l'extérieur, donnez-moi la ligne, s'il vous plaît Mogu li dobiti vanjsku liniju?
Consider applying for SoK instead.