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Can you make animations in photoshop

In Photoshop CS5, if you go to Window Animation, a snazzy little timeline will appear at the bottom of your screen.
AND most importantly: Do I have a desire to animate?Your animated GIF will be exported.For the purposes of this demonstration, save this GIF to your computer and open it in Photoshop.For the sake of the instructable, I'll leave it very simple.To accomplish this, activate the Opacity attribute by clicking on its clock and set three keyframes: one at the beginning, one near the middle, and one at the end.Finally, create another keypoint at the end of the animation and drag the text up and out of the canvas.Though both methods have pros and cons, trust me that its definitely much easier to work with the timeline once you get the basic functionality figured out.If you answered yes, you may continue.Select your project size.Now you're ready to upload this GIF to use in your marketing!If you have a GIF with gradients, choose Dithered GIFs to prevent color banding. .As you can see, for a text layer I have the option to animate Position, Opacity, Style, or Text Warp.A type of file that will move though is a GIF (which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, meaning the visible frame can change, creating simple animations like ours).The animation will be a little sluggish until you let it cache by playing completely through once, after that it should smooth out considerably.Clicking that clock shouldve created a little diamond at the beginning of your timeline.
However, for those gebreide lampenkap maken users that either dont have the time to learn an entire new application or simply dont own a copy of After Effects, Photoshop has incorporated very similar, albeit scaled back, functionality.

Shift Command Option E (Mac) or, shift Ctrl Alt E (Windows).Click the play button, or hit the spacebar to test out your animation.Think of them as a hybrid between a still image and a video.Its a little bit like rotoscoping, a technique used by animators to trace over live-action footage, but instead, were just tracing over the general body outline in our original GIF.Ive marked up the timeline below to better illustrate how this works.Lets take a look at how all this works with by building our own basic animation from scratch!4 Adjust the speed.And by the summer of 2015, Facebook had also jumped on the GIF bandwagon.
When youre happy with the speed of your animation, its time to save your GIF!
The first layer is the background, and you can't delete.

Here's what it looks like: Step 3: In the Timeline window, click "Create Frame Animation." If it's not automatically selected, choose it from the dropdown menu - but then be sure to actually click it, otherwise the frame animation options won't show.
To make things easier to look at, first hide all the layers except for the one you want to work with.
Why are GIFs great additions to your marketing?